What We Do

Today, most companies are faced with growing competition, shrinking margins and reduced consumer spending due to the economy. Customer experience has now become the most important factor in winning new customers and keeping them happy and loyal. RADIUS brings strategic marketing planning, targeting and innovative capabilities hitting the market at the right time to add proper value for each of our Clients.

RADIUS provides precise consumer marketing programs including data and list management services, customized ad development, consumer data gathering information, characteristics profiling and modeling, and a specific consumer targeting program. RADIUSReach, branded for specific Industry segments also offers virtual concierge, tele-technology and tele-health services along with other products to support consumer retail and the multi-dwelling housing markets. RADIUS provides these services within the following areas:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU), apartments, nursing homes, university dorms, condominiums
  • Department Stores and national retail chains
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Social marketing and app’s
  • Consumer product goods stores

We offer proven successful portfolio optimization by selecting only programs which enhance new customer growth, increase product satisfaction and customer loyalty. We track and forecast all program engagements for measured success and future product expansion. Our rigorous marketing approach provides end user benefits, relevant offers, reliable service and the right targeting tools to grow our Client’s business.