RADIUSReach Programs

Consumer Builder Program, CustomerReach

RADIUS offers the expertise that today’s retail companies need to successfully compete and build store franchise locations on a regional or national basis. CustomerReach provides a complete package of marketing services that can 1. evaluate a store’s true current marketing position specific to a location. 2. identify attractive non-customers for marketing efforts and 3. design and execute a household specific acquisition programs to drive these identified non-shoppers to the client stores for redemption and sales.

Store Market Position: Radius offers clients a complete “in” market assessment for any store location. This market share analysis is conducted by the use of proprietary research tools and technology. Clients faced with a handful of under performing store locations can use this service to evaluate competitive positioning within a given geography as well as identify individual competitive shoppers.

Non-Shopper Identification: Radius offers our clients a proven “best” consumer list for selected store locations. Non-shopper targets complete with full family demographic profiles, useful for creating tailored marketing offers on a per household basis. Unlike traditional lists, which neglect specific data useful for proper marketing, Radius delivers solution proven data for immediate marketing and promotion action.

Specific Acquisition Program: Radius offers clients a complete direct marketing solution with creative offer selection , design promotion and store-by-store performance tracking follow-up. Experience has confirmed from past year’s program identifications, that the high impact of our invitation type programs accompanied with time sensitive continuity offers brings new non-shoppers into our client’s stores.


Recent surveys indicate that today, 73% of retailers describe store sales as unacceptable, the highest level seen in over 20 years. Retailers have exhausted traditional consumer building programs and are looking to attract new shoppers to bolster lagging sales and eroding equity. With the focus on building marketing share within an increasingly competitive environment, retail companies are willing to try new and fresh ideas; one that RADIUS brings to market.

. Consumer loyalty demands aggressive marketing and solid customer service

. Consumers are more quality and competitive price focused

. Mass consumer marketing is costly and less effective today

. Retail competition is stronger and more expensive to maintain

To answer these marketing challenges, our CustomerReach program provides a direct one on one consumer targeting program aimed to bring new consumers into your stores. Our unique offering program over time provides a compelling go to market strategy, which is effective and cost efficient when compared with traditional mass market approaches.


Radius will work with corporate Retail management to outline beta program. We begin with 4-6 selected retail stores within a determined geography. The following events then shape the program for a typical new-shopper building program.

1. Selection of a 1-5 mile radius zone around each store, consumer data list is then compiled within these zones.

2. Existing store consumers are taken out and a Radius model of new potential consumers are selected for each new store zone.

3. A creative customized direct mail program is developed aimed at key non-shopper targets within each zone. These include a shopping benefit package redeemable at the store.

4. Over an 8 week period, 4 direct mail campaigns are provided to our targeted non-shopper consumer group, shopping habits are tracked.

5. Our Radius team will trend the data from our non-shopper program and provide analysis and conversion results.

Our Risk

Radius will provide all the elements of the defined program from the start to the end with a final report on the net results and the list of all new non-shoppers generated for each selected store.

Radius is only paid for each new non-shopper qualified and identified in the program. Thus, from our data management tools, if a store had a 40% market share within the targeted geographic, Radius would be compensated for selected qualified consumers existing in the other 60% of classified non-shoppers.

This cost would be between $3.75 and $7.50 per each identified non-shopper depending on the level of direct mail and benefit package provided to the defined database.

These cost elements applied in the program include: data list, direct mail creation, material, postal, consumer marketing surveys, management support at the store level, analysis and reports.